Slide Pack – Tobacco Flowers.


Another rainy day Sunday project, in what is definitely the wettest drought on record!

This is my prototype slide pack, with another variation on the tobacco plant theme.  I must get one of those plants, the flowers are very pretty.  I remember when I was in my teens, I had a marijuana plant.  I thought I was being so ‘risque’ and such a rebel!  Actually, my parents simply thought it was quite amusing and one of my friends proceeded to remove all the leaves and roll a joint.

Now it seems, tobacco is ‘the new marijuana’!  These bloggers packs will be appearing in Head Shops before you know it.



I have now idea if these will print to actual size, and I haven’t figured out how to insert these as attachments which can be downloaded and saved on your computers.  I don’t have a website, only this wordpress blog page.  I’d like to be able to have these packages and templates available for anybody to download and use.  I’d like to give some sample packs away with an address to go to download them.   If anyone has any technical advice, that would be greatly appreciated. 

Cigarette Pack Template


Here goes!  Hope this works!

Cigarette Pack Template


I’ve been following Frank Davis’s blog, among others, recently.  There’s been a lot of lively discussion about the consultation on plain packages for cigarettes.  Of course, by ‘plain’ they mean obscene fabricated pictures of black pigs lungs, autopsies and various others from the Ministry of Grim & Ghastly’s collection, designed to scare the living hell out of you – if not that, then certainly to put you off your dinner! Not a pretty sight at all!  

Well, since the Ministry of Grim and Ghastly has most likely already decided to go through with this and to hell with public opinion (the ‘consultation’ merely being a PR exercise), many people have decided to ‘vote with their feet’ by ditching the ugly plain packs and putting their cigarettes into attractive cigarette cases, or designing their own packs.  

I say that’s brilliant!  Not only does it give aspiring artists, designers and photographers an interesting new challenge which is a lot of fun and could possibly earn them some extra income, but it’s a great way to spit in the faces of the nanny tyrants!

I’ve been having a go at it myself.  My first attempt is a flip-top box.  I’ve downloaded the free template here.  I decided, to start with, to use images of tobacco plants.  I found an images on one of those royalty-free pictures sites, modified and stylised it and then used it on the package.  


This is just a prototype.  The light wasn’t too good here, but the background is a nice cream coloured textured effect.  The leaves go all around the package.  

I’m also trying a different style package, based on the old slide packs, whereby you have an outer sleeve and an inside ‘tray’ which slides out.  I haven’t seen these packs in a long time so I’m going by memory here.  But I’ve got a few ideas which I’m working on.

For the time being, please feel free to download and use the ‘Tobacco plant’ cigarette pack.  I’m also attaching a plain (as in, nothing printed on it) cigarette pack template with instructions on how to assemble it. You may want to use the plain one and put your own drawings or photos on it.  

Either way, its a free service and hopefully lots of people will take this up.  After all, why shouldn’t cigarette packages be attractive.



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